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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


            Apparently it ditched the rustic look...

I traveled to San Francisco today for work.  I have a meeting in the morning and came up the night before so that I'd be sure to make it on time.  But that's boring work stuff, the exciting part was what I saw at the Airport.  Emporio!

For those of you with the good fortune to have played, you know that Bang! is a fun little game themed on spaghetti westerns where you can pretend to learn Italian while saying, "I bang you!" in a totally legitimate context.   All of the cards are in Italian with English translations (for the most part).  But one of the funner (yes, there it is again, funner) cards is the General Store which deals a card for every player and then the players get to pick from the cards in turn order.  As a result, everyone is happy when the general store comes to town.

And that card, in Italian is:

Thus, my delight at seeing the above sign at SFO.  I hatched a few plans to take each of their wares and pass them around to those sitting nearby, but my guess is that the employees and security guards are not as big a fan of Bang! as I am.  Spoilsports.

Anyone have a similar tale of geekery?
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