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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend found me playing Brass and San Juan.  We were able to play three player versions of both games.

I was expecting a fourth, but that individual couldn't attend.  She was home being addicted to Sims 3.  To which I replied, "They still make Sims games?"  Hasn't the novelty worn off?  I guess not.

Brass is a little bit of a complex game, but this was my second time playing.  So I only had to refer to the rules a half dozen times instead of every turn.  During the canal phase, I earned major points by having canals all over the board.  Unfortunately, my opponent realized this and sent his rails everywhere at the beginning of the Rail phase.  Curses!  The strategy worked out in the end and he beat me by a narrow four victory points.

After the heavy, and lengthy Brass game, we ended off with some San Juan.  Since I've played it many many times, I often like to try new strategies.  I tried a "build every turn and end the game early" strategy.  It had .... mixed results.  I started strong, but by end game, I didn't have the big buildings to keep cards in my hands or to continue my build every turn strategy.

Finally, I took a look at the site and realized that I've reviewed two games I very much enjoy.  Agricola, reviewed here and Thurn & Taxis reviewed here.  So as not to give the impression that I don't have standards and think all games are peachy, I'll take the opportunity, this Friday, to review the game I revile more than any other.  Check back then. 

In the meantime, what are your least favorite games?
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