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Update Schedule

Mondays: Weekend Recap.  A review of the games I played over the weekend and the new or different strategies that were used and whether they were successful.  Also, if a new game is played it will include some initial impressions.  This is more of a play overview on individual gaming sessions. 

Tuesdays: Errata.  This is the weekly Q&A feature.  Feel free to post any question in the comments related to specific games, strategy, board gaming in general, or just the quirks that come along with having a number of games filling up the closet, and I'll provide my answers and advice here.  You can also tweet questions to me @GeekInsight or e-mail them to geekinsight(at)gmail(dot)com.  This post will occur only as I receive questions.  No questions, no post that week. 

Wednesdays: Gaming News.  I'll post about conventions, new game developments and the like.  I'll also direct you to interviews or discussions by various game designers. 

Thursdays: Variant.  This is the weekly discussion topic.  I'll throw out an item related to board games and ask for input and ideas from the community.  Then its your turn to post your opinion and steer the conversation. 

Fridays: Review.  I'll take a game I've played a number of times and give it an in-depth review.  My goal is to give you enough information about the tone, theme, and mechanics of the game for you to be able to determine whether its something you'd like to buy or play. 

Any day:  Random events, experiences in geekery, off topic awesome, and the like may find their way into this blog as they happen.