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GeekInsight was founded in April 2010 to discuss the hobby of board gaming. 

I've always loved board games.  From Chutes and Ladders through Settlers of Catan, I've enjoyed the strategy, luck, and competitive facets of games.  Growing up, I was always playing Chess, Parchisi, even Monopoly.  My family didn't play nearly as much as I wanted to, so I usually played all sides of the board.  Interestingly enough, my favored piece always seemed to come out ahead.

In High School I stumbled upon Settlers of Catan and was sucked into the hobby.  From there, I started grabbing a number of card and board games and seeking out the local shops where such things can be found.  I've converted just about all of my close friends to regular players. 

For some reason, board gaming tends to be seen by adults as either kids games or extremely boring (I blame Monopoly and Risk for that).  If you pick the right games, it won't be long or boring.  Some games are longer than others, but they can also be fun for the entire length of time.  The same way the Dark Knight is a great movie the whole way through, even though it's longer than the average flick. 

So, I present to you Board Games: A Hobby of Awesome.