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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap: Gaming with non-Gamers

Three of my friends combined birthday parties this weekend, so it was off to Dave & Busters rather than play any board games on Friday. 

Saturday found my Left 4 Dead 2 buddy coming over to my place.  It had been a while and you know those zombies just pile up if they aren't kept in check.  So we spent most of the day killing zombies followed up by a Kung Fu movie.  Their Kung Fu was strong.

So, it looked like I would be without any board-gamey goodness this week.  But my wife and I were invited for dinner to our church friends' house.  They are older than us and have lots of kids (aged 13 to 19 present), so I decided to bring some games along.  Since they aren't gamers at all, I elected to bring Bang!, Nodwick, and Carcassonne.  I think they enjoyed each one, but we found the most success with Nodwick.

Nodwick is very simple and incredibly hectic.  Since there are no turns, everyone just started shouting and building and putting their henchmen back together.  We played two rounds and they really got into the second round of it.  I'll make sure to add Nodwick to my stable of card games that non-gamers enjoy. 
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