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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

News: Dominion Most Played Board Game

Mark Jackson put up his annual report of the 25 most played board games here.  This list is compiled through a number of board game enthusiasts (note - "enthusiast" is polite speak for "geek") who log their plays and the number of players per game.  It includes games that were played five or more times in the past year by the reporters. 

Top 5 after the break:

So among the geeks, the top five were as follows:
1.  Dominion
2.  Race for the Galaxy
3.  Pandemic
4.  Agricola
5.  Roll Through the Ages

As you all know, I think Agricola deserves to be there.  Some other favorites that made it on the full list were Le Havre, Settlers of Catan, and Power Grid.  I'm mystified as to how anyone could play Lost Cities more than five times in a given year. 
The full list certainly tracks my wishlist of games very closely and I'm more eager than ever to pick up a few of the more popular titles.
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