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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Nerd Wall

Amy over at Geek with Curves posted about her Nerd Wall.  So I got to thinking about my own geekily decorated home.

My wife and I bought our first home just a few short months ago, and we've been decorating it.  The end result, is that every one of my walls is a nerd wall.  I have autographed pictures of Princess Leia and Starbuck next to each other.  Several Lord of the Rings inspired artworks (fully framed).  Fantasy styled art of all kinds populates our humble home.  Even a Magic: the Gathering Card artwork, the Cartographer, is on our wall (just the picture, not the casting cost or ability). 

But, in truth, most of those things came from my wife.  I like to think of it as her dowry.  But, my biggest contribution to the Nerd Wall is the weapons.  I've been collecting since my first convention at nine, and I've got a nice little selection now.


Any of you have geekery to share?


  1. Nifty you got em up. Nerd walls ftw!

  2. I'm impressed by your collection!! I need to live somewhere that I can actually (physically) get things up on the walls. Our apartment is impossible that way. Someday.

    Those could actually come in handy. My grandfather had a ceremonial sword from WWII from something involving the Russians and Japanese in the Alaskan area. It was mounted on the wall & my grandmother once used it to kill a rat that was attacking my baby mom. I have an awesome grandmom. :)

  3. great pic but you should describe what each of the weapons are from.

  4. @Ruth: That's awesome. When I was a kid (12ish?) I had these pillows shaped like Randy "Macho Man" Savage and the Warrior from WWF called "Wrestling Buddies." I would stand them up in the front yard and whack them with the swinging mace as hard as I could. "Down for the Count!"

    @Moffattbooks: They are from all over. The squiggly swords were christmas gifts. The third sword down was the first thing I bought with the money I earned as a teenager, along with the mace. I got one axe at Medieval Times and the longer one at Rennaissance Faire. I also have a Bullwhip but haven't decided where to put it yet. And there are a few other weapons and daggers that are in other rooms.