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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

News Item: Rio Grande Games Contest


Rio Grande Games has announced a contest to create a new, original boardgame as part of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.  They posted the complete rules and requirements here.

Games will be judged on these factors:
- Decision Driven (How much is the winner determined based on their decisions, as opposed to luck factors?)
- Originality
- Wait Time (How much time do you spend without interacting with the game/other players?)
- Unpredictability (How often is the outcome of a turn/round known before it ends?)
- Broad Appeal (Would you teach this to someone who is not a serious game player?)
- Replayable (Do you want to play it again soon?)
- Interactive (Do the player decisions impact other players?)
- Equal Opportunity (Does every player have an equal chance of winning regardless of turn order/role?)
- Fun
- Simple to Learn (the rules were clearly stated and communicated)

Finalists get a free pass into the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.  The winners will see their games published by Rio Grande.  So if you've been sitting on a great game idea, now's the time to whip that baby out and get her potentially published.
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