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Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap - UPDATED

        15, 16, 33 ... Wrong Entry.  The Swan implodes.

So this weekend found me playing Agricola, with the expansion, twice.  On Friday, I participated in a three player game with the new rules.  The score card can be seen above.  For those of you keeping score at home (and you should all be keeping score), I've got more points than the other two players combined.  It's important to cherish the blow-outs for they happen so rarely. 

My other Agricola loving friend was sick, so he wasn't there on Friday.  Oh, but when he heard about the expansion, he rued the day of his illness.  In fact, based largely on his desire to play the expansion, we got together on Sunday for another round - this time with five players.  I'd show the score card for this game too, but it doesn't really matter who won or lost - its about playing a fun game.  And I didn't win, so the victory is practically meaningless. 

Initial impressions of the expansion are a "ho-hum," an "eh," and a very solid "meh."  It'll get a full write-up soon, but the gist of it is that it adds more things to do without adding many more ways to do them.  Agricola is already about resource management with the players feeling like they don't have enough time to complete their plans.  Throwing more in to that, while not unenjoyable, just plays as very uninspired.

After some helpful tips from a few online friends, it became apparent that we had not been playing the expansion correctly.  With a re-read on the rules, I think it my perspective will change.  I'll give it a few correct plays and then post a full review.
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