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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Contest: Follow me to the Robot!

So, the move is now official to Giant Fire Breathing Robot.  You can see all my posts here.  We'll be giving away a copy of Forbidden Island to one lucky follower.  Here's how to win...

Tomorrow, (Wednesday, July 7, 2010), I'll be posting in my usual manner on the GFBR site.  Find my post, and leave a comment.  In the comment section, work the words "geek" and "island" into your comment.  You can weave them in an intricate and subtle display of your writing prowess into an otherwise inocuous post.  Or, you can simply write "geek island" and click submit.  Either way, you're entered to win. 

But don't mention the contest.  This is only for my followers from this site (so we don't want the general GFBR watchers to know about it).  If you mention the contest, you'll be disqualified. 

The contest will be open until 12:01a.m. on Friday morning (Thursday night).  On Friday, I'll select one lucky winner at random and notify them by e-mail.  If they respond, they'll get a copy of Forbidden Island shipped to them.  If not, then we go to the next winner. 

Good luck.  And check out GFBR.  Lots of good geekery going on over there. 
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